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       Apartment 17 
     Has been rented!

Apartment 4
Has been rented!

17 Euston 3
17 Euston 2
17 Euston 4
17 Euston 6
17 Euston 5

Located from 218 to 224 Euston we have come to refer to this building as The Euston Street Complex. This building is comprised of a variety of apartment units from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms with a den. All of them include heat, which is becoming more and more rare within the city especially in quality buildings. One of the great advantages of The Euston Street Complex is its proximity to the downtown core. If you enjoy dining out or frequenting the wide variety of entertainments in Charlottetown, this is the building for you. There are of course, buildings right in the center of Charlottetown but then you have to deal with the noise of closing time. The Euston Street Complex is far enough away to avoid that problem but close to be convenient. You literally get the best of both worlds!


If this fits your lifestyle drop us a line today to be placed on the waiting list for this fine building.

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