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Loft at 485 St Peters Rd

This a truly exceptional loft apartment. It is bright, modern and private. If you are looking for a place that really makes a statement about who you are, this is the apartment for you!

This high quality apartment has been rented!

This picture shows the main building and the garage which contains the loft on the second floor. Note the two roofed windows that provide fantastic light to the loft.

In this picture you can see the living room kitchen combination. Just look at the great light that gives the whole area a bright clean aspect.

The functionality of the kitchen is beautifully illustrated in this picture. Note the high quality appliances that will provide the perfect environment for meal preparation

Exterior showing loft.jpg
Loft interior 1.jpg
Loft interior 2.jpg

Here you see the main entrance to the loft. The over built staircase is safe and secure

The only question about this deck is how to resist spending too much time enjoying the sun and the view.

Relax on the couch or start cooking. The choice is yours.

St Peters Loft exterior.jpg
St Peters Loft Deck 2.jpg
St Peters Loft interior.jpg

Here is a great spot to relax with a book, watch a little TV or take a quick nap before dinner.

Whether you see cooking as a joy or a chore, the modern high quality appliances in this kitchen will help you get it done.

This roomy bedroom provides ample storage for your entire wardrobe.

St Peters Loft interior 3 .jpg
St Peters Loft interior 4.jpg
St Peters Loft interior 11.jpg

The only problem with this bedroom is how to resist grabbing just a few more minutes of shut eye.

St Peters Loft interior 10.jpg

Bright and cheerful, this washroom is just perfect for a close clean shave or applying picture perfect makeup so you put your best face forward.

Whether you shower in the morning, in the evening or both, this roomy shower lets you comfortably prepare for the day or the night.

St Peters Loft interior 9.jpg
St Peters Loft interior 8.jpg

This fantastic apartment includes heat, electricity, cable, and internet for just                           $1225/month


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